Dinghu Yong Sheng Textile PTY. Ltd

Dinghu Yong Sheng Textile PTY. Ltd. is an international comprehensive textile enterprise with over 500 employees. It is located at the west of Guangdong Province, only 60 kilometers from Guangzhou. So far, Yong Sheng has purchased a series of dyeing and finishing machines from FONG’S, including 49 sets of JUMBOTEC HT dyeing machine (26 will be delivered in October), 8 sets of MONFORTS FONG’S 328 Stenters and 36 sets of other FONG’S dyeing and finishing equipment.

Currently, enterprises are faced with a tough situation, which requires a more environmental, energy-efficient production and a sustainable development to enhance the factory’s operation efficiency, productivity and overall competitiveness as a whole. Persisting in the way of sustainable development, Dinghu Yong Sheng has been attaching great significance to a more environmental development strategy.

“Some of our dyeing machines have been functioning for quite a few years, and their liquor ratio and energy consumption is not able to meet the current environment requirements any more. When purchasing the new machine, we would resort to Sihui Dunhuang Textile Dyeing & Finishing Co. Ltd. for some advice. Sihui Dunhuang Textile has been working with FONG’S for more than 10 years, and they highly credit FONG’S machines for its product stability and durability. As known, FONG’S machines come out with a great quality, lower liquor ratio and energy consumption, leading to a large cut in everyday production cost. Besides, FONG’S is equipped with a professional sales and service team, who has offered me lots of valuable suggestion in terms of new process and factory planning.” Mr. Wu Linxiong, General Manager of Dinghu Yong Sheng.

“The automated system of the latest TEC Series overflow dyeing machine is capable of enhancing production efficiency and reducing operation costs. We are introducing FONG’S TEC Series into our installation for a more energy-saving and sustainable production mode. Though we are a family business, we have expanded to both upstream and downstream, including textile and fabric sales and other OEM production. We have developed a sound and strict cost and quality control in facing the fierce market competition nowadays. Dyeing and finishing is an inseparable part of the textile industry, and therefore the enhancement of production efficiency of the dyeing and finishing unites is the pressing needs of the whole textile industry.”

Postscript: Mr. Wu Chusheng is the founder of Sihui Dunhuang Textile Dyeing & Finishing Co. Ltd. His son, Mr. Wu Linxiong finished the study in UK and came back to contribute to the expansion of Dinghu Yong Sheng Textile PTY. Ltd. On 15th August, 2013, FONG’S led a group of 80 Indian customers to visit his factory. During the factory tour, Mr. Wu Linxiong accompanied the customers and in person addressed their queries regarding the factory operation, machine performance, labor cost, and industry status quo, etc. He surely impressed the visitors with his broad knowledge and unique understanding towards textile industry. Here, FONG’S would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Wu Linxiong for his generosity and arrangement during the event.

Mr. Wu Linxiong, General Manager of Dinghu Yong Sheng, in front of FONG’S TEC Series HT Overflow Dyeing Machine
Dinghu Yong Sheng will complete the installation of all FONG’S TEC Series HT Overflow Dyeing Machine in October, 2013. Till then the average daily output will amount to 130 – 140 tons.