Sihui Dunhuang Textile Dyeing & Finishing Co. Ltd.

Sihui Dunhuang Textile Dyeing & Finishing Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dunhaung Textile) was started in 2003, and officially established and put into operation in 2005. The company is situated in Sihui, Guangdong Province, with coverage over 133,334 square meters and nearly 1,000 employees hired. Dunghuang Textile is a modern private enterprise integrating textile, dyeing, finishing and water retreatment.

The main manufacturing equipment in operation in Dunhuang Textile are all from FONG’S and MONFONG’S with 109 sets of dyeing machine and compactors from FONG’S, and 25 sets of MONFONG’S stenter. The main products are cotton, rayon, Modal, Tencel, T/C (CVC) blends, polyester, nylon, acrylic and other knitted products, of quite a reputation in the industry.

With the ever-changing domestic and international market demands and the requirement of national policy of “Energy-saving, Pollution-reducing and Industrial-upgrading”, factory owners are starting to realize that in order to strengthen the core competence, enterprises should eliminate the backward production capacity, improve efficiency and quality, and reduce energy consumption. Henceforth, Dunhuang Textile decisively brought in FONG’S TEC Series to replace some old installations. The immediate effect of “cost saving and higher productivity” was registered. Seeing this, another branch factory (Dinghu Yong Sheng Textile) also introduced over 70 tubes of FONG’S machines (now it has come to 140 tubes in total). The originally high-liquor ratio and energy consumption equipment were replaced with FONG’S machines, so as to further enhance company’s competitiveness in the market.

“Since inception, the company has been using machines of FONG’S because FONG’S is a totally trustworthy brand with stable product quality and excellent aftersales service. To better meet the environment requirement, Dunhuang Textile placed orders to FONG’S for its latest dyeing equipment for knitted products in 2012,” said Mr. Chen Kunwang, General Manager of Dunhuang Textile.

“We are pretty satisfied with FONG’S TEC Series HT Dyeing Machine. It is created in line with international innovative design concept for lower liquor ratio. It is not only versatile for special requirements of all kinds of knitted fabrics, but also capable of supporting 1:4.5-5 low liquor ratio and rapid dyeing process. FONG’S TEC Series requires less energy and water consumption, far better than traditional high-energy-consuming L-shaped dyeing machines in terms of direct cost, dyeing quality and result.”

“We used to set the liquor ratio by relying simply on the visual estimation of the operating personnel. But now TEC Series is equipped with a new controller - FC30 with unique Fuzzy Logic temperature control technology, powerful liquor ratio calculation and fixed liquor ratio to automatically control the dyeing temperature and liquor ratio to avoid human error and improve the stability of product quality.”

“After testing varieties of fabrics, we are happy to see that TEC Series offers a great dyeing result in terms of fabric creases and smoothness. It adopts lint collector, which substantially reduces the working load and improves the production efficiency. Previously, we have to waste a great deal of time to manually clean the filter after each batch dyeing. Since the installation of FONG’S machines, we have never cleaned the filters, saving us a lot of trouble and cost.

“The TEC Series adopts dual-nozzle design, and is specially designed for processing sensitive shades (such as color green and brown). It is known that the dyeing result in overflow dying machine is achieved by fabric’s interaction with dye liquid. Since TEC Series comes with dual nozzles, it will fully and evenly enhance the interaction between fabric and dye liquid, a lot better than traditional single-nozzle dyeing machines. This design is also good for processing some thick fabrics.

“Finally, we would like to thank FONG’s for its excellent technical support before and after sales service. In terms of sales and marketing, technical service and production process, FONG’S is always demonstrating full professionalism and commitment!”

Mr. Chen Kunwang, General Manager of Sihui Dunhuang Textile Dyeing & Finishing Co. Ltd
The latest TEC Series Overflow Dyeing Machines operating in Dunghuang Textile
Dunhuang Textile factory visit during FONG’S Canton Customer Day
Dunghuang Textile is dedicated to “Energy Saving, Efficiency Enhancing”