Oracle Home Textile Ltd

The textile industry of the city of Vapi in the state of Gujarat dates back to the 1967, when the first industrial estate was started by GIDC. Vapi has played an important role in Gujarat's and India's success story. Another striking feature of Vapi is the Common Effluent Treatment Plant (or CETP). This is the largest of its kind in Asia and one of India's biggest effluent treatment plants in terms of capacity, treating the pollutants from these industries before the effluent is released into the river.

Due to an exponential increase in growth of other industries in this area and stringent environmental norms enforced by the state government, more and more textile companies are slowly shifting their focus to greener technology. One such classic example is Oracle Home Textile Ltd. of Vapi, a young terry towel manufacturer with a global vision, has replaced its traditional machines with the newer greener FONG'S High Tempeture Towel Dyeing –Machine with loading capacity 1200kg to emphasize a cleaner tomorrow.

Oracle Home Textile Limited, initially a trading company, was established in the year 1992 under the guidance of textile technocrat Mr. Sanjay Balakrishna Dave. The company soon became a prominent player in the field of terry towel yarn dyed jacquard segment and home textiles at Vapi, India. The company in a brief time managed to establish foreign contacts, and executed their first order of Cotton Terry Towels & Kitchen Napkins to West Africa. From then on there was no turning back for Oracle. After carving a niche for itself within the jacquard terry towel segment within a short time frame, the company decided to take it forward by having their own manufacturing unit. In 2002, Oracle started its first production facility, used mainly for weaving, at Vapi, the industrial hub of Gujarat.

The company started its manufacturing presence on a small level with a few weaving machines and the rest outsourced. Within a few years, the company started to expand length wise by adding more processes and started investing on cutting edge technology for their dye house.

Today, Oracle stands among one of the top players in Yarn dyed Jacquard towels manufacturers in India in terms of capacity and range. The company is vertically integrated with all manufacturing departments under one roof. The company perform a wide spectrum of activities ranging from warping, weaving, dyeing, sewing to finishing and packing. Consisting a mixture of Indian and international brands, the line-up is made of Dornier and SMIT weaving machines of widths ranging from 280-340, sectional warper from Prashant and a brand new FONG’S towel dyeing machine is the icing on the cake.

Abhishek Shrivastava, Plant Head of Oracle, shares his views during a Textile Magazine exclusive at their facility in Vapi “The decision of moving to FONG’S from the previously used indigenous dyeing machine was the best decision we have taken so far. The new machine has really helped us to achieve stringent international quality norms and 24/7 production with latest lint collection system without changing the filter This is a high temperature, high pressure machineand when compared to other machines in the market, this machine has zero limitations.”

The new machine installed at Oracle can be used for pre-treatment, dyeing and after-treatment of towel, high pile fabric, heavy curtain and decorative fabric for both home and automobile industry.

FONG’S towel dyeing machine is designed for very large quantity production without any compromise in efficiency. Customized with large nozzle for smooth and hassle free transaction of fabric, optimum lifting height resulting in lower tension and minimum liquor ration as low as 1:5 to run the machine are some of the biggest advantages of these eco-friendly machine.

The highly efficient work-force of Oracle is directly responsible in achieving the whole process, from design to production, for large quantity orders, within a short lead time. Mr. Abhishek Srivastava is the man behind the effective administration of Oracle Home Textile Ltd. His vast and extensive knowledge in the field of textile and his untiring efforts have contributed to the success of the company.

“Mainly used for zero twist towels and different treatment capabilities, the FONG’S machine has considerably helped us to balance the gap that existed in the system previously to achieve higher production targets. We have been running the machine at full capacity for almost a year now and the machine hasn't troubled us a single moment” - Abhishek Srivastava

Oracle exports started exporting a small percentage of its production to the African countries in the early years of 21st century but soon the company steadily progressed and moved to the markets in Western Europe. Today, the company is exporting more than 90% of its production to European countries like France, Germany, Netherlands and Spain and soon branched out to other continents stretching from N. America to Australia. The exporter supplies their products to international brands like K-Mart, Disney, NKD, ESPRIT and many more.

Oracle Home Textile Ltd. clocked a turn-over of 75 crore for the previous financial and is expecting to cross 100 crore mark for the current year. The company plans in doubling its capacity and is scouting for land as it is planning to start another project of similar size in the same region. The new project is expected to be a green field project with the latest technology in all the department. Once the second plan is fully commissioned, the company aims to reach a targeted figure of 200 crores by 2016. Oracle's range of products is exhaustive and showcases a complete collection of different kinds of terry towel products and is constantly working with design houses for value addition. Apart from profits and market shares, Oracle's main motto is to pay a lot of attention to protect the environment and this remains a subject of personal importance for the management.

Mr. Abhishek Shrivastava Plant Head of Oracle Home Textile Limited, Vapi, India
FONG'S HT towel dyeing machine is suitable for the pre-treatment, dyeing and after-treatment of towels, high pile fabrics, heavy curtains and decorative fabrics for both home textile and automotive upholstery.